How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    If you notice a gap around the door panel’s frame even when it is closed, have it repaired as soon as possible.

    This may appear to be a minor problem, but it will serve as a golden ticket for unauthorized entry into our garage.

    Aside from that, if the garage is adjacent to your main house, it may affect energy consumption.

    Drafts can enter and exit through these gaps, resulting in an increase in your energy bill.

    So, if there is a gap around your garage door, have it repaired as soon as possible.

    Furthermore, if you leave these small gaps unattended for an extended period of time, they will grow in size.

    Don’t leave yourself open to external threats; instead, contact the expert technicians in San Jose right away!

    San Jose Garage Door Doctor is a certified technician always ready to accommodate your repair needs.

    If you want to do the repairs yourself, here are some quick fixes on how to adjust a garage door gap.

    Replace the worn stops

    Weatherstripping closes the gap between your garage door and the floor, as well as around the frame.

    During inclement weather, the weather seal keeps water, air, and snow out of the garage.

    Examine your garage door weather seal to see if there are any gaps or if it is worn.

    The weather seal, like any other component of the hardware, will wear out over time.

    In some cases, simply repositioning it will suffice if it is misaligned.

    Furthermore, the seal prevents pests and other potentially harmful elements from entering the garage.

    Examine the Overhead Door Tracks

    Check that the garage door is properly aligned.

    Close the door panel to see if the alignment is correct.

    If the hardware is not perfectly vertical, it may eventually leave a gap around the door.

    Examine the tracks where your garage door runs to see if you can repair it yourself.

    Then, examine whether both tracks are holding your door at the same distance from the bottom seal.

    If not, loosen and slightly move the bolts to bring the door closer to the bottom seal.

    When in doubt, seek assistance from a garage door repair company in your area.

    Adjust the Limit Switches on Your Garage Door

    The limit switch controls when the garage door closes or opens.

    If it is not properly adjusted, it will most likely leave a gap between the door panel and the floor.

    Adjust the limit switch on your garage door to resolve the problem.

    For proper garage opener adjustments, consult the owner’s manual.

    Then, tighten the bottom seal.

    The seal will keep the bottom part safe from harmful external threats.

    Our expert garage door technician can provide a dependable limit switch adjustment for you.

    Replace the Bottom Seal

    If your garage door’s bottom or weather seal is leaking or worn, replace it immediately.

    For best results, get a new seal and carefully follow the instructions on how to place the weather seal.

    Make sure that to close the gap completely.

    The Concrete Floor Has Settled

    The concrete floor may settle over time, leaving a gap between the panel and the door.

    If this is the case, add some concrete to the garage flooring to raise it to the proper level.

    By doing so, create a flat surface and close the gap between the floor and your garage door.

    Trim the Door Panel

    For a wood-made overhead door, you can have it trimmed if the panel does not fit the door frame.

    You can either use a jigsaw or sand the bottom part to make it fit properly.

    For other types of doors, ask for proper assistance from a reliable garage door service company.

    Bottom Line

    One of the most effective ways to restore your hardware to its original state is to repair it as soon as possible.

    So, if you notice a gap or anything out of the ordinary with your hardware, don’t put off the repairs.

    Entrust your garage door services to a reputable repairman in San Jose to ensure your hardware is well cared for.

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