DIY Garage Door Maintenance

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    DIY Garage Door Maintenance

    We all have a common notion that garage door maintenance is quite costly.

    So, in the hopes to avoid expensive repairs or maintenance, we want to carry out the time-consuming task by ourselves.

    Perhaps the DIY garage door maintenance task might save the homeowner a few hundred dollars.

    But as an ordinary homeowner, there are needs the hardware requires from a professional technician.

    Instead of saving a few dollars, the damage over time might cost way more than what has been set aside.

    To avoid costly and unplanned garage door repairs–entrust the garage door maintenance to a reliable service provider in San Jose.

    What is A DIY Garage Door Maintenance

    As most homeowners utilize the garage as a carport or storage of valuables–maintenance checks on the hardware must be done regularly.

    Conducting garage door maintenance is important in making sure the hardware is in its optimal working condition.

    However, due to smart innovations emerging nowadays–DIYs have become prevalent including garage door repair jobs.

    Instead of delegating the task to the professionals, ordinary homeowners will perform DIY garage door maintenance alone.

    Keep in mind, garage doors are composed of complex mechanisms thus necessitates technical assistance.

    Furthermore, there are broken parts or mechanisms that no ordinary man can handle unless the individual has the skills and prior knowledge.

    How to Do DIY Garage Door Maintenance

    For homeowners choosing to carry out the task, we have prepared a thorough DIY garage door maintenance tips.

    Wipe the garage door panel thoroughly

    Depending on the garage door panel installed on the property and before going through the intricate parts–wipe it down thoroughly.

    Remove the dirt, hard stains, and other harmful elements on the panel from top to the bottom.

    Inspect the overhead rollers and the track

    When the rollers are broken, it will cause wobbling and uneven movement while closing and opening the door.

    Garage door rollers are responsible for moving the door panel with ease thus the need to give it a thorough inspection.

    A malfunctioning roller will stress the overhead door’s other moving parts thus the need for thorough checks.

    Also, garage door tracks must be free from all types of debris for a smooth operation.

    Make sure the path is intact with no cracks and other defects.

    Balance and evenness of the garage door

    After making sure the panel is wiped clean, the garage door track, and rollers are all intact, test the hardware’s panel for balance.

    Here are a few simple walkthroughs to know the door panel’s balance:

    1. Close the overhead door completely
    2. Disconnect the door’s opening and closing mechanism from its opener
    3. Don’t forget to lubricate the springs or rollers for the next procedure
    4. Inspect the opening and closing of the door panel manually for a flawless and natural transition
    5. Open or hold the door panel halfway then release it. If the door remained in its position–it’s balanced properly. If not, it needs to be adjusted accordingly.

    For homeowners having a hard time carrying out the procedure, do not hesitate to call for technical assistance.

    In case the door panel fails to pass the balance test, again, call for technical support.

    Check garage door springs robustness

    Garage door springs are responsible for lifting and lowering the panel with ease.

    In case the springs have started to wear out, don’t wait for them to break down–get them replaced as soon as possible.

    Furthermore, a broken garage door spring is considered one of the most dangerous moving parts of the door panel’s mechanism.

    So, proceed in carrying the task with care and give precedence to safety.

    Inspect other moving parts

    As mentioned earlier, the hardware is composed of intricate details.

    One broken or malfunctioning part can affect the overall performance of the garage door.

    Therefore, inspect the moving parts thoroughly such as loose hinges, hanging cables, chain opener, and more.

    Regular lubrication

    Depending on the frequency of use, the hardware will lose its grease over time.

    It is highly recommended to lubricate the garage door every six (6) months, annually, or as necessary.

    Be generous in lubricating the moving parts but avoid putting excessively.


    Therefore, with regular garage door maintenance checks, the hardware will eliminate any major inconvenience.

    So, homeowners and commercial establishment owners do not skip the intended preventive care and maintenance day.

    Not only will it help the owner avoid costly repairs, but it will also allow the hardware to last longer.

    Additionally, entrust the garage door maintenance to a trustworthy service provider in San Jose.

    Garage Door Maintenance Service Provider in San Jose

    San Jose Garage Door Doctor is a dedicated garage door repair service provider in San Jose.

    We accommodate all types of garage door services in San Jose and its neighboring communities.

    When the hardware begins to show malfunctions, don’t hesitate to give us a call right away!

    We only serve our customers with the best garage door maintenance and services in San Jose.

    Connect with us to request a free estimate on all the maintenance and repairs the garage door needs.

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