DIY Garage Door Dent Repair

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    A garage door increases the curb appeal of your property.

    However, if the garage door becomes damaged or dented, it can reduce the value of your house.

    When your garage door becomes dented, there is a way to repair it that is not expensive.

    This article will help teach you how to do DIY garage door dent repair.

    However, if you’re a busy type of person and don’t have the time to fix your dented garage door, you can hire a garage door technician to repair it for you.

    At San Jose Garage Door Doctor, we have a team of professional garage door technicians to repair any garage door problems.

    Our certified maintenance specialists have the skills and years of experience in dealing with complex garage door issues.

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    Repairing Garage Door Dent Problem

    Two of the most common materials for garage doors are aluminum and steel.

    It is the standard garage door material for most properties.

    The low maintenance and their sturdiness make them a no-brainer for most property owners.

    However, no matter how strong your garage door is, it can still be dented easily.

    The dents could be a result of an accident such as a car bumping into your garage.

    If you notice slight damage, there is a way to fix that.

    Here’s what you need to grab before starting the repair process:

    • Hose
    • Any dishwashing soap
    • A big sponge
    • BIC lighter
    • Aluminum foil
    • Air can

    Make sure that you have all these items before starting the project.

    Check below the step-by-step process on how to do DIY garage door dent repair.

    Step# 1

    Get a basin, fill it with hot water using the hose, and then add a dishwashing soap.

    Make sure that the water inside the bucket is soapy.

    Grab your large sponge and gently wash the dented area thoroughly.

    You must remove all the grime and dirt buildup to make sure that this process will work.

    Before moving into the next step, ensure that the area is dry and clean.

    Step# 2

    Use your foil to cover all the dent areas of the garage door.

    Extend the foil enough to cover the past dents on each side.

    Covering the past dents will help you to unroll it before slicing it from the role effortlessly.

    Make sure that you have an extra foil to hold on to.

    Next, cut the foil from the roll, then keep the cut piece at your side.

    Step# 3

    Place the foil against the dented area so that it will thoroughly cover it.

    Use either your left or right hand to hold the foil to prevent it from moving during the process.

    By using the BIC lighter, flame the entire dent areas in a consistent movement for a minute.

    Make sure that you flame the whole dented area of your garage door.

    Step# 4

    Now, remove all the foil from the dented surface of the garage door.

    Grab the air can, and you should grasp it reversely.

    Spray the dented area using the can for around thirty seconds.

    Make sure that the air can be in an upside-down position.

    It would be best to hold the can upside down because it releases carbon dioxide in a reverse position.

    It will be the best solution to remove the dent on your garage door.

    Once you follow all the steps, the dent will go back into its original position because of the cold temperature from the carbon dioxide and heat from the lighter.

    The dent on the garage door will completely vanish after two minutes of the alternate release of cold and hot temperatures.

    On the other hand, larger dents will take more time to remove completely.

    If you have a big dent in your garage door, you should hire a garage door maintenance specialist to fix it for you.


    Fixing a small dent is an easy task. However, large dents are a bit difficult to repair and will cost you money.

    It’s best if you leave the garage door issue to a professional garage door technician.

    Our garage door maintenance specialist in San Jose Garage Door Doctor can bring back the dented area to its normal position quickly and perfectly.

    If you notice a large scale of dents on your garage door, don’t hesitate to contact us. Aside from repair service, we also have garage door installation in San Jose.

    We are available 24/7.

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