How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    One common problem for most garage door owners is an opener that lacks in range.

    Can you imagine arriving at your garage and you can’t open the door? It is undoubtedly frustrating.

    The garage door opener was built to help you open your garage door even though you’re in a long-range.

    That’s why what use would it be if you can’t open the garage door at a longer distance and you need to be close to the garage for it to work.

    If your garage door opener malfunctions, something is obstructing the signal.

    When this happens, your garage door opener might be affected by different aspects such as antenna position, interference, or frequency.

    Luckily, we’re here to help you.

    This article will give you tips on how to improve garage door opener reception.

    Additionally, if you need any garage door help, we’re always ready to fix any garage door problem for you.

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    Change Your Garage Door Opener’s Battery

    If you notice that the opener is becoming faulty, you should replace the battery.

    One common cause why your garage door opener is losing all that range is that the batteries run out of juice.

    If you haven’t changed them for months or years, expect they will slowly lose their range.

    That’s why we recommend you replace the battery if it’s been a long time since you changed them.

    Additionally, regularly checking your door opener’s battery will help you determine if it will begin to malfunction soon.

    A garage door remote battery usually lasts up to three to five years of operation.

    If you use the remote’s battery above five years, it will significantly affect your signal’s range.

    Corrosion on the metal part of your opener could also start to appear.

    Replacing the batteries is more cost-effective than replacing your opener.

    So, if you notice that the opener’s range decreases, replacing the battery will regain the long-distance range of your remote.

    Once you’ve changed the battery, it will significantly improve the range.

    Take Out The Antenna From Interference

    If you think something might block the signal, try to relocate the antenna away from those things that may obstruct the signal.

    It is a method to enhance the garage door’s range.

    Remember to be careful when removing some of your garage door opener’s parts because if you’re too careless, you might end up having a defective remote.

    You can all also ask for the professional help from an expert garage door repairman.

    With years of experience, it will be easy for them to fix this kind of garage door problem.

    Install Antenna Extension

    Another way to improve your opener’s reception is to upgrade your remote’s antenna by installing an extension.

    If you want to enhance the range, installing an extension is the best solution.

    There are a lot of choices to choose from, and it depends on the extent of range you want to add.

    However, suppose you have no idea what type of antenna extension is appropriate to your remote.

    You can ask a professional for advice from a garage door technician to help you choose the compatible antenna extension for your opener.


    If the area signal of your remote is decreasing from time to time and it is giving you stress, maybe

    It’s best if you hire a professional garage door maintenance specialist to check them for you.

    At San Jose Garage Door Doctor, our certified technicians will know what exactly caused the problem.

    Our team consists of highly skilled garage door repairmen that can repair any garage door efficiently and correctly.

    No matter how complicated the garage door issue is, they will find a way to solve it perfectly.

    If you need an urgent garage door repair service, we are available 24/7.

    Aside from repair service, we also have garage door installation in San Jose. Don’t let the problem worsen, and call us now!

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