How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

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    How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

    Overhead door sensors are electronic components of the hardware that are part of the safety system.

    This component is responsible for keeping any object from being crushed by the garage door panel.

    That’s why, to ensure that the door moves smoothly and keeps you safe, make sure that the sensors are aligned properly.

    Misaligned sensors will send the wrong signals producing erratic movements to the door panel.

    Furthermore, the misalignment of sensors does not come as a surprise.

    The sensors may dislodge due to the friction and vibration caused by opening and closing the panel.

    That’s why it’s important to know how to align your Chamberlain garage door sensors.

    We will never know when you’re going to need it to realign your sensors.

    Inspect your power supply

    Inspect the wirings of the safety sensors to ensure they receive an adequate power supply.

    If the preceding steps fail, carefully inspect the wires that supply electricity to the sensors.

    Some pests, such as rats and insects, may wreak havoc on the wiring.

    The sensors are outfitted with two lights, one green and one yellow.

    If any of these lights aren’t working, it’s a sign that the wiring needs to be checked.

    Examine for dust and obstruction

    To confirm your sensors are not in good working condition, closely examine the components.

    By doing so, remove any obstructions from the path of the door panel.

    Then, prompt your hardware to lower.

    If the hardware is moving erratically, do the next steps.

    Inspect your sensors for accumulated dust particles and remove them if any are found.

    Then, run your overhead door again.

    However, if the problem persists after you have completed the necessary steps, proceed to the next steps listed below.

    Or, you can simply check the video for a visual demonstration.

    Disconnect from the power source

    Before you proceed, make sure to disconnect the power supply from your hardware.

    For manually plugged sensors, simply turn the switch off.

    When tinkering with wires, make sure to wear or use electricity-resistant gloves.

    Although you will not be dealing with live wires, it is always prudent to take precautionary measures.

    Moreover, we highly encourage you to call for technical support for safety concerns.

    Remove the sensor by loosening the screws

    A wingnut may be seen in some cases.

    After unscrewing the nut, point both photo-eyes in the same direction.

    Return the sensor to its original shape after twelve (12) seconds.

    Connect a string to the sensors to check the level.

    When you’re finished, put the screws back in their original positions.

    Reconnect the sensors

    Remove the strings once you’ve completed all of the steps and ensured that the sensors are properly aligned.

    Then, reconnect them to the power supply to test your garage door sensors.

    If the above-mentioned troubleshooting fails, do not hesitate to contact your trusted service provider in San Jose.

    If something isn’t right and you suspect an underlying problem, contact us right away.

    Consider calling a professional technician in San Jose

    If you find the steps tedious, especially the technical troubleshooting, you can delegate the task to the professionals.

    We will handle all of the hassles and risks associated with sensor alignment efficiently.

    Our certified team is available 24/7 to provide prompt and professional garage door repair services.

    Call the experts today if you want to know how to align Chamberlain garage door sensors.

    Final Thoughts

    The sensors are critical components of your Chamberlain garage door.

    These small components can either break or make your day.

    That’s because they play an important role in sending signals when you activate your overhead door.

    Do not leave this faulty operation unattended to ensure the safety of your family.

    When garage doors fail to function properly, they can potentially cause harm to you and your family.

    More specifically, safety reversing sensors will help you avoid incidents or even major accidents.

    Therefore, repair your safety eyes as soon as you notice any problems with this equipment.

    Make sure to contact the experts for a more reliable and safe sensor alignment.

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