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    Garage Door Spring Repair San Jose

    People with garage doors know the value of a fully functional door as it keeps us all safe and secure.

    However, there are instances that the garage door will stop working due to various reasons.

    Before our hardware will break down, it will give us warning signs.

    However, most of us simply neglect the idea that our garage door needs technical assistance unless it breaks down.

    Garage door issues can be prevented if we provide regular maintenance care to our hardware.

    Read on to find out how to know when to get the garage door spring repaired or replaced.

    Why Should I get the Garage Door Spring Repair in San Jose?

    One of the most significant functions of our garage is to store our prized possessions such as the vehicle(s).

    With this functionality, most of us consider the garage door as our main entrance and exit of the house.

    As the property’s main entry and exit, garage doors will receive a considerable amount of wear.

    And the hardware’s major component responsible for lifting and lowering the door panel is the garage door spring.

    Garage door springs require regular upkeep for smooth and hassle-free operation.

    Top 7 Warning Signs Garage Door Spring Needs Repair in San Jose

    As garage door springs receive significant wearing every day, it deteriorates over time.

    And before the springs will snap and break, they show us warning signs, including:

    1. The cables are visibly loose

    This is the most common telling signs that most homeowners assume the cable is broken.

    But when the technician got a closer look at the hardware, it’s actually the garage door spring that needs replacement.

    2. The hardware feels heavy to lift open

    Springs are responsible for lifting the garage door panel so we can easily lift and lower the hardware with ease.

    When the springs are broken, the door panel becomes “dead weight” making it difficult to lift open.

    3. The door panel opens only inches above the ground

    As mentioned earlier, the springs hold the weight of the panel.

    If the door panel opens only inches above the ground, then it’s time to get the springs replaced.

    But, by all means–avoid DIY replacements of the garage door springs as it entails safety risk unless the individual has the skills and proper training.

    4. A visible gap between the torsion spring

    Normally, the torsion system is composed of two (2) springs tightly-wound and when it breaks, it unwinds leaving a gap between them.

    So, upon visual inspection–when there’s a gap between the torsion spring, it significantly indicates that the spring requires to be replaced.

    5. The door panel is crooked

    Extension springs are seen on either side of the hardware which is responsible for lifting the panel.

    Therefore, a crooked door panel indicates that the extension spring is broken and that it needs to be repaired.

    6. The panel falls at a faster rate

    When the garage door falls at a faster rate while closing, it strongly indicates the springs are broken.

    Garage door openers are not made to carry the weight of the panel, it’s sole responsibility is to provide ease with opening and closing the panel.

    7. The door panel is jerky

    Jerking is seen only in garage doors with extension springs and this suggests that the garage door extension springs are broken.

    So, the next time the door panel displays jerking when opening or closing, it’s time to call a reliable garage door service provider.

    Reliable Same-Day Garage Door Spring Repair in San Jose

    It doesn’t matter how small or huge the garage door issues are–call us for same-day garage door services today!

    Trust us to fix and replace the broken springs for a high-performing garage door.

    Our expert technicians are on standby to provide the residents in the San Jose area emergency garage door repairs and services.


    A broken garage door spring poses a safety risk and neglecting to see the urgency might lead to serious injuries

    Homeowners don’t really need technical skills to know that the garage door is not in its working condition.

    Always keep in mind, when the hardware is showing signs of unusual functions, call a trusted garage door technician to resolve the issue right away.

    Affordable and Reliable Garage Door Spring Repair in San Jose

    For a robust and reliable garage door, call us today!

    We have an array of high-quality garage door services for the residents in San Jose at an approachable price.

    We made sure that every residential and commercial garage doors will receive regular preventive maintenance care all year long.

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