Garage Door Moving Slow

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    Garage Door Moving Slow

    Garage doors receive a significant amount of daily wear and tear and prolonged exposure to harmful elements all year long.

    And add to the fact that most homeowners–disregard the importance of preventive maintenance checks.

    These detrimental elements get into the panel’s components which eventually lead to the hardware losing its resilient qualities.

    Read on to find out more about the reason for a garage door moving slow and how it can be prevented in the future.

    Why is the Garage Door Moving Slow?

    A functional garage door normally takes ten (10) to fifteen (15) seconds to lift open and close.

    If it takes longer than the average range, then it’s time to get the hardware thoroughly inspected.

    One of the most common causes of a slow-moving garage door is the lack of lubrication.

    Just like any mechanical device or machine, garage doors require regular lubrication.

    Bear in mind, the hardware is composed of moving gears and with daily use, it loses its grease for smooth performance.

    Solutions for Slow-Moving Garage Door

    As mentioned earlier, daily wear and tear, friction, and the lack of lubrication are the main causes of a slow-moving door.

    When the garage door begins to move slowly, secure a superb and time-tested lubrication brand.

    Usually, lubricants come in a tin spray or bottle.

    Then, apply it to the moving gears and parts such as the hinges, brackets, tracks, and other vital components of the hardware.

    Once the lubrication is done, it’s time to assess if the lubrication is successful.

    If the hardware is showing improvement, then it shows it only lacks lubrication.

    However, if the problem still exists, call a reliable garage door technician in San Jose.

    Benefits of Preventive Care to Avoid Garage Door Moving Slow

    Usually, homeowners will understand the importance of preventive care after the hardware has stopped functioning.

    To avoid any of the dreaded situations in the future, look for a reliable service provider in San Jose.

    We understand that some homeowners can no longer keep up with the hardware’s upkeep.

    Because of this, the San Jose Garage Door Doctor provided accessible services for the residents in San Jose.

    We work with our customers’ convenience.

    We Provide Services to All Types of Garage Door Makes

    For residential and commercial garage doors in San Jose–our reliable team of technicians is up and ready 24/7.

    We provide repairs, maintenance, and other major services to all types of garage door brands and makes.

    Don’t allow a malfunctioning garage door to impede a productive day.

    Call a reliable garage door service provider in San Jose today!

    High-Quality and Affordable Garage Door Services in San Jose

    As part of our dedication and commitment–we made sure the residents in San Jose can reach us out at any time.

    With our affordable and accessible services, every residential and commercial garage door in San Jose is in its high-performing condition.

    Experience high-quality garage door services at a reasonable price.

    We prioritize safety and customer-experience is paramount to us.

    Fast Same-Day Garage Door Services in San Jose

    Don’t be alarmed when the garage door breaks down–simply give us a call right away!

    Our expert technicians are ready and equipped for emergency garage door services at any time of the day.

    Keep in mind that a malfunctioning garage door is not just about the inconvenience, but it is also a safety concern.

    Secure the safety of the people going in and out of the garage.

    Call us and get it fixed today!


    Inconsistent preventive checks, the lack of lubrication, and frequency of use are the main causes of a slow-moving garage door.

    Our garage doors are just like any mechanical device that requires regular maintenance for it to run smoothly without causing inconvenience.

    For homeowners who can’t keep up with the regular upkeep of the hardware, connect to a reliable garage door service provider.

    Garage doors require a deserving maintenance check after all the prolonged exposure to various damaging elements all year long.

    Book Us or Request for A Free Estimate Today!

    Give the garage door a deserving maintenance check by booking our expert technicians in San Jose.

    Our technical support team stands by to provide our customers with detailed information on all the necessary services the garage door needs.

    Our services are tailored to our valued customers’ convenience.

    Call us and experience San Jose Garage Door Doctor’s stellar services today!

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