How to Select Garage Door Springs

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    How to Select Garage Door Springs

    Choosing the right garage door springs helps in extending the life of your garage door.

    Bear in mind that the garage door is supported by the spring.

    If you replace the springs that are incompatible with the weight of the garage door, they will wear out faster than expected.

    So, invest in good garage door springs so you don’t have to replace them all the time.

    The long-term cost of choosing the correct spring outweighs the cost of new replacements.

    There are several factors to consider before purchasing a garage door spring.

    Apart from the cost of the spring, you must also consider the installation service.

    That’s because the installation of the springs is a separate cost that must be factored in.

    Consider this a guide on how to select garage door springs for your garage door.

    When the time comes that you need to replace the springs, you will know exactly what you need.

    Here’s how to select garage door springs.

    Extension or Side-Mounted Spring

    With long and skinny features, this spring is seen vertically mounted on the sides of the door panel.

    The extension or side-mounted spring is responsible for either pulling or lifting the panel.

    There are several types of extension springs, these are:

    1. Clipped-End

    Among the other types, clipped-end extension springs are the most powerful

    This type of spring is capable of supporting up to 200 pounds of hardware panel’s weight.

    2. Double Looped

    Double-looped springs are the best type of spring after clipped-end springs.

    It has two coils at the end of the spring that connects to the hardware’s eyebolt and pulley.

    3. Open Looped

    This is the weakest type compared to the other counterparts.

    When the open-loop spring breaks, you can’t use it again because the entire unit has to be replaced.

    Torsion Spring

    Torsion springs are seen horizontally above and in the center of the door panel.

    Its primary function is to match the design and weight of the hardware.

    In other words, the torsion spring will be determined by the size and weight of the garage door panel.

    This spring is responsible for smoothly lowering and raising the panel.

    The torsion spring is available in the following variations:

    1. Standard

    This unit is commonly used in lightweight overhead door panels

    And it is commonly seen installed in residential hardware.

    Depending on the size and weight of the panel, you can install one or two springs

    Moreover, one spring will suffice for a lighter mechanical door.

    This unit is attached to the spring anchor bracket in the shaft located above the door.

    In other cases, the spring has an offset mount.

    Meaning, the spring anchor bracket is not installed above the center of the garage door.

    2. Early-Set

    It has the same characteristics as the standard type, but it is only mounted in the center of the torsion shaft.

    It can be seen that a different type of hardware is installed on each end of the shaft that is adjacent to the cable drums.

    3. Torque-Master

    Among the various types of torsion springs, this one is regarded as the safest.

    This is due to the fact that the unit is contained within the torsion shaft and is held in place by a winding cone.

    To keep the spring fastened within the shaft, the stationary cone matches the shape of the shaft.

    The winding cone is made to fit inside a special winder, allowing the unit to be wound using an electric drill.

    This unit has a cycle life of up to 10,000 cycles.

    4. Steel Rolling

    Torsion springs of this type are commonly used in commercial or industrial overhead doors.

    This unit is typically installed within the torsion barrel that supports the rolling door.

    Weight and Size

    The weight of your panel is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting springs, particularly torsion springs.

    Furthermore, to avoid complications, you can simply bring your worn-out spring to the store.

    Alternatively, you can take a photograph of the spring and bring it with you.

    However, because you need to remove the unit, we strongly advise that you call for technical assistance.

    Call Us for Proper Technical Assistance

    San Jose Garage Door Doctor is a team of certified and highly skilled technicians providing excellent services.

    Call us if you want to learn more about how to select garage door springs.

    Alternatively, you can simply ask us so that we can address all of your concerns.

    That’s because, in addition to the various types of springs and cables, there are other factors to consider.

    Call us for more dependable and safe spring replacements!

    We will immediately dispatch an expert technician to your place immediately!

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