How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Have you ever experienced a garage door lockout due to a power shutdown?

    However, they can be useless when a blackout happens and you can’t open the garage door.

    If you can’t get your car out of the garage, don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

    This article will give you enough information on how to open a garage door manually from outside.

    You can also call for a garage door technician so that they open the garage door for you.

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    Check out the methods below on how you can open your door manually from outside.

    Opening Your Garage Door Externally

    Usually, in cases of a power outage, you should be able to open the automatic garage door effortlessly.

    However, some garage owners don’t know how to open them from the outside.

    Follow this step-by-step process to regain access to your garage door.

    1. First, find the emergency release handle.
    2. Afterward, release the handle and you should be able to raise the door upwards.
    3. Take note, whether you open the automatic garage door from the inside or outside, you still need to troubleshoot your garage door motor when the electricity is back.
    4. Reconnecting the door motor is a simple task. It’s just like pulling the release cord again.
    5. After doing all those steps, you should be able to use your garage door again correctly.

    How To Reconnect The Garage Door Motor

    If the power comes back, you still need to reconnect the door opener. Here’s how to correctly re-engage the motor.

    1.  Before reconnecting the motor, ensure that the garage door is not open for safety purposes.
    2. Drag down the red emergence release wire on the door motor.
    3. Lastly, lift the automatic garage door manually until you feel and hear that the motor is reconnected again.

    Safety Tips For Opening Your Garage Door Manually

    The first thing you should think of is your safety before lifting a garage door by hand. Check the safety tips below on how you can open the garage door manually.

    Tip# 1 – Make sure that the door opener is unplugged.

    Disconnecting the garage door opener before attempting to open or re-engage the garage door will keep you secured.

    Assuming the electricity comes back on, the opener may try to open the garage door while it is disconnected. As a result, it will be difficult for you to re-engage again.

    Tip# 2 – Call a garage door technician if necessary

    If you disconnect the trolley you find it hard to move the garage door, the springs might be broken.

    Additionally, it’s best if you let the professionals handle the problem so that you can prevent any unnecessary accidents.

    Tip# 3 – If the garage door is open, don’t drag down the emergency release.

    If your garage door is open and you want to close the door, don’t use the emergency release. That’s because, if you use it, the weight of the garage door might collapse down.

    If you’re in this kind of situation, it’s best if you wait for the electricity to come back before attempting to close your garage door.

    However, if you’re not comfortable with an open garage door, you can call a professional garage door repairer to fix the door for you.

    Tip# 4 – Never leave your garage door unguarded.

    If a power outage occurs and the garage door is disengaged from the opener, it can crash down at any time.

    That’s because even a strong wind could cause your garage door to shut down.


    Opening your garage door externally should be an easy job.

    However, if you can’t open them, don’t hesitate to call for a garage door repairman to help you.

    At San Jose Garage Door Doctor, we have a team of garage door experts that will fix your door efficiently and correctly.

    If you need any help, don’t think twice and book with us now!

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