How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

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    How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

    The garage door tracks are responsible for providing a smooth path for the panel to be lifted and lowered.

    Our hardware, on the other hand, will simply surprise us one morning by not allowing us to pull the car out of the garage.

    Don’t be surprised if you wake up to an off-track mechanical door.

    Keep in mind that our hardware is subjected to a variety of hazardous elements.

    So, if you leave it without proper lubrication and other preventive maintenance, it will undoubtedly cause problems in the future.

    But, by performing a routine maintenance check on your hardware, you will be able to detect any early signs of damage.

    Entrust the services of your nearest specialist technician in San Jose to ensure a high-performing door.

    What Cause the Garage Door to Come Off its Track?

    The garage door may have come off its track for a variety of reasons.

    But one thing that is certain is to avoid using the garage door as much as possible until the problem is resolved.

    Furthermore, due to daily use and the mechanism of the garage door, it can shake the moving parts of the hardware

    The friction and tension can cause the hardware to break or malfunction over time, here’s why:

    1. Because the tracks are obstructed, the mechanical door panel cannot lower.
    2. Frequent use can cause the parts to loosen over time, which is one of the reasons for the door to come off its track.
    3. The impact or force caused by accidentally bumping the panel with a vehicle
    4. As a result of daily use, garage door tracks will inevitably bend or crack.

    An off-track garage door is both inconvenient and dangerous that necessitates immediate repair.

    Furthermore, when it comes to any hardware mishaps, the rule of thumb is to not put off the repairs.

    Aside from the above-mentioned causes, here are some additional reasons why the panel is off-track.

    Frayed or worn-out springs

    When you operate the garage door with a broken spring, the door panel may fall off its track.

    A broken spring, as we all know, is a safety hazard.

    That is why it is critical to act quickly and have it repaired by a professional repairman.

    Worn out or broken rollers

    Although rollers have a lifespan of more than ten years, this does not guarantee that they will not break.

    Every slanted door panel is usually caused by broken or worn-out rollers.

    To resolve the issue, replace the broken rollers.

    Or, if you’re not confident to do this by yourself, call an expert garage door repairman.

    When repairing a mechanical door, there are things that you must consider such as the size and weight.

    If you can’t handle this task, don’t shy away from the expert technicians in San Jose.

    How to Get My Overhead Door Tracks Fixed?

    You can fix an off-track garage door by following these simple instructions.

    1 Unplug your garage door opener.

    Remember to do this before beginning any repair project.

    Disengage the opener so that you can open and close your garage door manually.

    2 Close and Lock Your Garage Door

    Check that your garage door is not connected to the opener.

    Then, manually lift the door and secure it in an open position.

    If you are having difficulty doing it alone, find someone to assist you.

    3 Restore the Rollers to their Original Position

    Using pliers, open the track at the point where the rollers deviated.

    Return them to their original path and carefully close the gap.

    To restore its original shape, use a wooden mallet or rubber.

    4 Check for Proper Alignment

    After you’ve repaired all of the rollers, double-check that they’re all working properly.

    Check to see if your garage door is opening properly.

    This can be accomplished by manually moving the door up and down a few times.

    To ensure proper garage door alignment, test the balance as well.

    5 Examine the Automatic Operation

    When everything is in place, you can now test the automatic operation of your garage door.

    Activate the opener and let your garage door open and close on its own a few times.

    If the test is successful, your garage door is ready for use.

    However, if you’re still having trouble getting your garage door back on track, you should seek professional help.

    Need help to repair your off-track door?

    When you need to know how to fix a garage door that has gone off track, contact the experts in San Jose right away!

    San Jose Garage Door Doctor is a team of certified and highly skilled technicians providing excellent services.

    Our team is available 24/7 for quick and efficient repairs.

    Leave the preventive maintenance to us to keep your hardware seamless and functional.

    Make an appointment with our team of specialist technicians right away!

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