How To Fix Garage Door Cable

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    How To Fix Garage Door Cable

    The cable, along with the springs, allows us to easily open and close our overhead door.

    However, it is frequently one of the mechanical door’s least visible components.

    As a result, the only time you’ll notice the cable is worn or frayed is when your hardware is visibly crooked.

    Although replacing the cable is not as difficult as replacing the torsion spring, give us a call if you need assistance.

    The cable is an important component of the garage door system.

    That’s why we should always keep the components of the hardware to their tip-top shape.

    Furthermore, if you have a trustworthy garage door technician nearby, getting your hardware back is a breeze.

    Here’s what we can do on how to fix the garage door cable.

    Common Indicators Your Cable Needs to be Replaced

    Before your hardware will stop working unexpectedly, it will show some warning signs.

    So, allow us to show you what these are because we normally don’t mind the signs until the door breaks.

    Knowing the warning signs beforehand will allow you to take immediate action to have the hardware repaired.

    Here are the most common signs that your door needs to be repaired.

    The mechanical door that isn’t working

    One of the cables may have snapped if the garage door does not open or close properly.

    As a precaution, you can’t open or close the garage door until the cables are repaired.

    Slanted or crooked door panel

    If a cable breaks on one side, the other side tends to compensate for the weight of the door.

    You will notice that the door is uneven, with one side raised higher than the other.

    The door feels heavy to lift

    The purpose of the cable is to provide support for the door’s opening and closing mechanism together with the spring.

    Without the cable support, the garage door will feel heavier than usual.

    Doors that close quickly

    Cables also increase the tension and torque used by garage door springs to lower the door.

    If the door closes too quickly, one of the cables may not be providing the counterforce that allows it to close smoothly.

    Loud crashing sound from the garage

    A loud bang in the garage is an unmistakable sign of snapped cables.

    Be cautious while dealing with the aftermath of the damage.

    If you believe you are unable to handle the repairs, contact your trusted technician immediately!

    Replacing a side-mounted cable is not as difficult as replacing a torsion spring.

    However, keep in mind that the cable is tensed and may cause injury if not handled properly.

    How Do You Replace an Overhead Door Cable?

    We can manually lift and lower the overhead door.

    But, the springs and cables made every operation smooth and easy for us.

    After learning the various reasons why the component breaks, it’s time to learn how to fix the garage door cable.

    We highly urge you to take heed of your safety when doing the replacements.

    Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about replacing your hardware cables.

    First, gather all of the required tools and the replacement spring.

    You should be able to tell which type of spring you need to replace by now.

    Alternatively, you can simply match the new springs to the old springs.

    1. Unplug your door from the opening device

    2. Next, open the door panel to release the tension

    3. Then, lock it in place using your clamps

    NOTE: Locking the door will prevent any accidents such as a sudden movement or closing the door panel while working.

    4. Put or assemble the replacement cable together

    5. Remove the worn-out springs and install the new cable unit

    6. Then don’t forget to stretch the springs about an inch after installation

    7. Remove the clamps

    8. Then do the functionality test by opening and closing the door

    If you find any unusual functions, then, make the necessary adjustments.

    But, we strongly suggest that you call for technical assistance for more reliable repairs.

    Need Help to Replace Your Overhead Door Cable?

    Cables and springs play an important role in allowing us to open and close our doors with ease.

    If any component of the hardware fails, do not hesitate to contact your trusted technician right away!

    San Jose Garage Door Doctor is equipped and ready to take on any garage door services 24/7.

    When it comes to garage doors, you can trust us to provide you with excellent services.

    Set an appointment with us any time of the day!

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