How to Adjust Garage Door Springs and Cables

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Springs and Cables

    Springs and cables are two of the most important garage door components.

    These components made it convenient for any owner to open and close the mechanical door.

    However, due to the mechanism and regular use of the hardware, these components will wear out eventually.

    When springs and cables lose their tensile strength, the door will close or open unevenly.

    Given the weight and size of the hardware, when it fails, you and your family are at risk.

    When your mechanical door closes quickly or slams shut, do not put off the repairs.

    Fortunately, there is a reputable garage door repairman nearby who can provide you with dependable services.

    The number of our customers attests to our unrivaled years of experience, high-quality workmanship, and skills.

    Entrust us with all of your overhead door services needs to ensure your safety and the durability of your hardware.

    Continue reading our guide if you want to know how to adjust garage door springs and cables.

    What Are the Functions of Springs and Cables

    Springs and cables work together to lower and lift the mechanical door seamlessly.

    When the spring fails, the cable intervenes to prevent the spring to recoil.

    However, you cannot simply leave the cables to operate on their own because this poses a significant safety risk.

    So, if it starts to wear out, don’t put off any repairs.

    But, before you start adjusting the cables or springs, you should know what kind of spring you’re going to need.

    To ensure that your hardware is properly adjusted, connect with a reputable repairman in San Jose.

    Know what the difference between springs and cables is and understand these components on how they work.

    Different Types of Springs

    If you haven’t already guessed, the side-mounted cable and torsion spring are two distinct types of springs.

    However, as previously stated, these components work in tandem to conveniently open and close the mechanical door.

    Here’s how to adjust garage door springs and cables.

    Side-Mounted Cable

    As the name suggests, the side-mounted cable is seen installed on the side of the door’s panel.

    First, disconnect the garage door from the opener so that you can manually open and close the door.

    This is also for safety purposes to avoid any unintentional accidents prompting the mechanical door during the adjustment process.

    1. Prompt the panel to open to release the tension of the springs

    2. Using the locking pliers or clamps, make sure to secure the panel from sliding along the tracks

    3. Then, remove the cable from the track hanger

    4. Using a wrench or pliers, loosen the nut and bolt that holds the hook in place

    NOTE: You will find various slots that are used to attach and hold the hardware’s components

    5. Find a new location for the hooks either higher or lower in the frame

    6. Keep in mind, the further away the hook is from the original slot, the tenser the spring becomes

    7. You will find a safety cable that connects the tension cables

    8. Once you’re done, tighten the cable after repositioning the hook of the springs

    9. Locate a new slot in which to tie the cable bracket

    10. Then, check the hardware’s balance and functionality

    If you’re not satisfied with the adjustment, simply repeat the process.

    Torsion spring

    The torsion spring is responsible for supporting the weight of the door panel.

    That is, it contains a lot of tension, which can be dangerous if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience.

    Furthermore, because the door panel has been lowered, the spring is also tensed.

    That is why we strongly advise you to seek professional technical assistance.

    To begin, disconnect the door from the opening device for safety.

    1. Secure the panel by locking it in place to avoid any unintentional prompts that may lead to serious injury

    2. Loosen the torsion spring’s winding cone.

    The cone at the end of the torsion spring houses the torsion spring’s final coil.

    3. Torsion should be adjusted. by rotating the winding cone in one direction or the other.

    4. Adjustments should be tested by increasing in small increments.

    Extend the spring all the way to its maximum length.

    To accomplish this, slowly move the winding cone along the rod.

    Find a point on the rod that provides the best force for lifting and lowering the garage door.

    5. Tighten the nuts along with the new position of the winding cone.

    6. Locate the cables and the cable drum, and tighten them up with their brackets.

    To gain a more secure grip on the mechanical door, reposition the bracket to another slot in the frame.

    Call Us for Technical Assistance

    Leave the technical work of adjusting your hardware’s springs and cables to the professionals.

    San Jose Garage Door Doctor technician is available and ready to assist you at any time and from any location.

    Give us a call today and we’ll have your hardware up and running in no time!

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